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Reach your readers with aims to provide readers with a trusted community in which they can access book recommendations, read the latest book reviews from respected sources such as The New York Times and The Guardian, discover new writers, latest releases and best sellers as well as purchase print and eBooks directly and read them on Android or iOS app.

We embrace the fact that not all readers are the same and we provide the ability for members to browse and talk about what they like to read with each other, to read and rate considered member reviews or to write their own. We ask our members to respect other members and authors so while we will always remain editorially impartial we will remove posts that are not in keeping with our Terms & Conditions.

We’re passionate about helping readers find good books, discover authors and the views of other like-minded readers. We are global and social but also local and independent with the ability to geo-target our advertising for each market. attracts readers across all genres while also providing a platform to a large audience of women aged 18 – 55.

Advertising Opportunities offers a broad range of advertising opportunities across the site. Advertisers can achieve mass reach to our broader reading audience or target specific audience segments (for example, young adult readers) within a range of content environments including:

  • Homepage positions
  • Category sponsorship
  • eNewsletters: member monthly newsletters, member monthly updates
  • Competitions
  • Book club sponsorships
  • Direct email marketing

If you are a publisher, for further information on advertising opportunities with please email Cara Codemo (

For self-published authors we have a specifically designed program that will promote and get people reading your books. For more information on this targeted advertising platform for authors please email Cara Codemo (

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