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The stunning new novel from Costa-Novel Award winning novelist Maggie O'Farrell: the story of a London Irish family in crisis in the legendary heatwave of 1976. When Gretta Riordan's husband disappears with no explanation from their London home, Gretta's grown-up children must return to help her solve the mystery. Each is at a turning point in their lives. Michael Francis is increasingly estranged from his wife by parenthood and his guilt over a brief affair; Monica's performance as perfect stepmother in rural Gloucestershire is convincing no one; and Aoife, the family's 'black sheep', is finding that even in New York she cannot hide from the secret that has set her apart since her childhood. When the siblings are reunited under one roof, tensions run high. But a journey to Connemara brings unexpected insights and revelations, and enables Aoife in particular to confront a fear that has for too long come between her and those she loves.


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Maggie O'Farrell's latest family drama is sure to be a hit
Maggie O'Farrell's latest family drama is sure to be a hit
Maggie O'Farrell never fails to deliver, yet her dependable brand of eagle‑eyed storytelling rarely strays into the formulaic.

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