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A bewitching new series from the bestselling author of the Evernight series Ages: 12+ When Nadia's family moves to Captive's Sound, she immediately realises there's more to the place than meets the eye. Descended from witches, Nadia can sense that a spell has been cast over the tiny Rhode Island town - a sickness infecting everyone and everything in it. the magic at work is darker and more powerful than anything she's come across, and the person it has affected most is Mateo - her rescuer, friend and the guy she yearns to get closer to, even though he pushes her away. Mateo's family have a tormented past and it soon becomes evident that Mateo is the next member of his family to be cursed, particularly when the strange dreams Mateo has been having of rescuing a beautiful girl from a car accident actually come true. Despite the forces pulling them apart, Nadia and Mateo must work together to break his terrible family curse and prevent a coming disaster that threatens the entire town, including Nadia's family, her newfound friends and her own life. Shimmering with magic and mystery, New York times and number one bestselling author Claudia Gray's first book in a new trilogy depicts a dark and unforgettable world of witches, curses, buried secrets and star-crossed romance.


Young Adult
3.5/5 stars
First of all, please please everybody the cover! It's sooo pretty and haunting looking. I haven't picked up a witch based book in quite a while so I wasn't quite sure what to expect. Also, I've read a short story by Claudia Gray in the Enthralled (Giovanni's Farewell) which I thought was an okay story but it wasn't my favorite. BUT let me tell you, this book definitely changed my point of view on her writing. The story was addicting and I couldn't even put it down. I started it right before going to bed and the next day, I bsed my homework to finish it. Yeah...that's how addicted I was...

Nadia was an okay character, I honestly liked Verlaine better. But anyway, Nadia I guess you could say she was a strong character. But some of her actions were seriously flat out stupid. If there's a car in a ditch and the driver was still conscious would you really levitate it out knowing that you're exposing yourself right there? It just didn’t strike me as the smartest thing a person could do. Other than her lack of ability to make some smart choices, she was a pretty awesome character to read about. Right from the beginning, you knew that Nadia has a lot of potential. Just from the first couple of chapters, you just get this sense. What made Nadia different from other teen witches that I’ve read about and that’s not a lot, but she seemed a lot more human. She had grown up with the knowledge of her magic, but her training was incomplete after her mother left with another man. As Nadia grows in her magic, she doesn’t distant herself from her family, but you can still see this strong family connection that just warms your heart ya know?

Verlaine, personality wise, was definitely my favorite character. She just seemed more easy to get along with. With her aloof attitude and snarky comments, it was really hard to not love her. When the bad witch hurt her, I was literally dying because I just loved Verlaine so much. So let’s move on to Mateo. Um…how do I describe him? He’s very loyal, that’s for one, but I felt that he was just really ignorant. Once everything began to piece together, he still stubbornly refused to see the truth. He just couldn’t accept that sometimes the closest people are the ones who will betray you the most. Other than that, he was okay.

I really liked the whole idea of a cursed town that dates all the way back to the colonial era. Claudia Gray did an amazing job weaving together past events with the present. It was very hauntingly cool, to put it mildly. The creating of the craft that Nadia is part of was also really well created, if that makes any sense. As Nadia discovers her true potential, you get to learn it with her which was pretty cool. The ending was pretty darn awesome. I loved it and I would say that I was fine with the cliffhanger, but at the same time, I am close to tearing out my hair because of it. Very very mixed feelings. Definitely definitely recommend it, it’s a super fun read full of suspense and magic that just pulls you in!

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One of the most engaging first chapters I’ve ever read. It started in the car with Nadia and her family on their way to their new home when she felt that something just wasn’t right. It ended with Mateo living out the reality of his dream in rescuing her and what may happen in near future. This sense of doom began right from the very first sentence, continues throughout to the very end.

The supernatural component of the book was not the best part of this book. Whilst it helped lent the sinister air to the story and is an appeal to the current market of readers, I didn’t find it to be outrageously unique. The only bit that I found of interest was the way spells are cast; in bringing up appropriate bits in your head / heart to suit the spell.

What I really loved about this novel was the issues Nadia was working through. She was working through a lot of things though mostly as consequence of her mother leaving the family. These issues felt quite real they really cut the heart, and I truly felt for her.

"It was weird how hurting someone you loved was even worse than being hurt. That stayed with you longer, and weighed you down all through the night into the dawn."

Spellcaster was a lovely easy read with the right amount of tension (both good, ie. romantic, and bad) to tease you through the story, a real climax good vs evil sort of face off, and ending which leaves you wondering what’s coming next. I can’t wait for the next instalment of this series.

"You had to love people while you could, because you never knew how long you had."

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Captive’s Sound. A small town in the middle of Rhode Island where Nadia Caldini’s father decides to transplant his family after his wife walked out on them all.

Sounds innocuous enough. Except as soon they cross the city limits, Nadia can feel a magical barrier surrounding her new family’s new home. Oh and her Book of Shadows reacts badly with the strange magic and causes their car to careen off the road and into a lake. It would have been fatal if not for Mateo Perez coming to her rescue and saving her from drowning.

Mateo has secrets of his own. A family curse and visions of the future plaguing his dreams haunt his days and nights. There’s more to Captive’s Sound that meets the eye and Nadia – along with new best friend Verlaine and mystery man Mateo – needs a way to break the curse and save the town from the Evil lurking underneath.

Spellcaster captivated me from the first page. There’s action from the start. And the plot entranced me. I loved reading what was going to happen next. The principles that dictate the magical world in which the book is set fascinated me. The way spells are formulated as well as the rules that govern the Craft that Nadia studies are not something I’ve seen before. I looked forward to each new spell being cast.

The characters are exciting. Nadia is a strong and capable young woman. She acknowledges the fact that she has so much to learn in terms of her magical skill but she refuses to give up on those she loves. She is willing to sacrifice herself but only when she has exhausted all other possible options. I admired her attitudes to life and magic. Considering his curse and the way he was brought up – Mateo is a shadow of a person when compared to Nadia. But he’s willing to embrace her and her weirdness that she’s brought to Captive’s Sound. Verlaine is an interesting character but I felt (much like the citizens of the small town) she tended to drift to the background and was rather forgettable.

This book is written in the form of many different people’s point of views. I counted at least six (one being from a creepy crow with cobwebs for eyes) with some taking up most of the novel and one being only a few paragraphs in the entire story. At times it felt a little overwhelming that there were so many different voices trying to be heard. With all of the points of views all being in the same font and all having the same tone, sometimes it was difficult to differentiate between them.

For the plot alone, Spellcaster was a win for me. I will be keeping an eye out for the next book in the series to be released and will make time to read some of the older Claudia Gray books that I bought and haven’t gotten around to reading yet…

I really enjoyed reading Claudia Gray's 'Spellcaster', I flew through it faster than I thought possible. The story flows easily leading the reader from one situation to another without faltering. Twists and turns add weight to the storyline, which keeps you guessing about what will happen next.

Nadia, the young witch in the story, moves to a new town that her father feels will give their family a fresh start after the breakup of his marriage. Just as they cross the town's limits though, they're involved in an accident where Mateo, a youth from the town, is mysteriously on hand to save them. Far from being a fresh start, the town appears to be 'sick', and under some kind of spell.

As Nadia struggles with learning her craft without the help of her mother, Mateo struggles with a family curse. He tries to stay away from Nadia, thinking he may be the cause of her death, which he has dreamed constantly about. But, as things turn out, he ends up being bonded to Nadia after a spell goes haywire.

Nadia is determined to find out what is wrong with the town and slowly, with the help of a new friend, Verlaine, they come to realise the depth of the sickness is far more complex than they thought possible. More curses turn up, weird vibrations are felt, sinkholes appear, and Elizabeth, Mateo's lifelong friend is more than she seems, much more.

Things come to a head at Halloween, but just when you wonder if they've saved the day, other problems unfold.... which leaves the story open for the next exciting instalment, which I can't wait to read.

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